Dr. Ralph Esposito

Dr. Ralph Esposito is a naturopathic physician focused on optimizing healthspan and lifespan through nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental/emotional health, gut health and precision supplementation. Through these tools, Dr. Ralph brings a personalized approach to preventive medicine by using evidence-lead tactics to teach people how to perform and feel their best while reducing the risk for chronic disease. With additional degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and as a certified Functional Medicine doctor (IFMCP), Dr. Ralph provides a unique integrative approach to help solve clinically complex classes while optimizing healthspan and lifespan.



Clinical and Research 

In addition to advising as a peer reviewer for medical journals, Dr. Ralph was published in the Canadian Journal of Urology on vitamin D, he has authored several medical textbook chapters in The Textbook of Natural Medicine 5th Edition, and other integrative medical textbooks. Dr. Ralph also helped develop education modules for the Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists to educate health professionals. Outside of his own patient care, he frequently advises and educates other health professionals in the areas of healthspan and lifespan including male and female hormone dysfunction, gut health, exercise, urological issues, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive decline.


Dr. Ralph completed his medical training as a medical intern at NYU Integrative and Functional Urology Center. He holds a position as adjunct professor at New York University: Steinhardt for the Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics program, where he lectures on integrative nutrition. Outside of his medical practice focusing on longevity through integrative medicine Dr. Ralph also holds a position as Head of Nutrition at Athletic Greens, and an advisor to Diagnostic Solutions Labs. Dr. Ralph recently completed his tenure with his work with Dr. Peter Attia, a medical practice focused on longevity. 


Predictive - Be able to assess various biomarkers, genetics, and Big Data to identify risks before they show any signs.

Preventive - Implement strategies with nutrition, vitamins, botanicals, sleep hygiene, exercise, and lifestyle medicine (environmental toxins) to provide the body with the right microenvironment necessary to avoid illness.

Personalized - Tailored to the individual not to the masses (n of 1)

Participatory - Engagement and embracement of the process to optimal health. It is not just thrown on the patient but instead is a collaborative process.


Good medicine is evidence-led, with a focus on the individual not the masses. It is based on the philosophy that the body inherently possesses an ability to self heal, if provided the right environment. I assess the patient, their environment, their labs and every part of their health to sculpt their own health story. Good medicine is the combination of science (evidence) and art (clinical experience) to create actionable plans that lead to outcomes.